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Fazilov Muhammad Yunusovich (Muhammad Fozili)
Year of birth: 1,959
Occupation: Fine art, painting
Fazilov Muhammad Yunusovich (Muhammad Fozili)
Artist Style: Surrealism

Muhammad Yunusovich Fazilov (M. Fosili)                                                

Year of birth February 5, 1959. (Uzbekistan). He graduated from the SamGASI Art Faculty, in parallel the restoration department and the Faculty of Public Professions - (illustrator, poster artist) in 1980.

 Since 1987 – member of the Union of Architects of Uzbekistan:

Since 1988 – member of the International Union of Designers:

Since 1998 – member of the creative association of the Union of Artists of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan

Since 2016 - Academician of the Academy of Sciences Turon

Solo exhibitions (painting, graphics, installation, video art):

1999 – Yesenin Museum, Tashkent

2004 – Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, Tashkent

2014 - 2015 - Fine Art Gallery of Uzbekistan

2019 – Tashkent House of Photography

2022 - Caravanserai of Ikuo Hirayama Culture

2019 - Personal exhibition Museum of Modern Art (Cyprus)

2020 - Personal exhibition Tashkent Art Gallery)

2022 - Personal exhibition "Kokand winds" (graphics) International caravanserai of Ikuo Hiroyama Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan

2023 - Personal exhibition "Portals" (painting) Tashkent House of Photographs

Exhibitions (painting, graphics, installation, video art):

Since 1983, he has been a regular participant in National and International exhibitions

2003 – The Second Tashkent Biennale (Uzbekistan)

2005 – Constellation Swiss Bureau for Development and Cooperation (Uzbekistan)

2005 – The Third Tashkent Biennale (Uzbekistan)

2006 – Caravanserai. Tashkent Station, International exhibition of Contemporary Art, Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan.

2007 – Constellation Postscript, Swiss Bureau for Development and Cooperation (Uzbekistan)

2008 – 2010 – Signs of the time. International Exhibitions (Uzbekistan)

2009 – The Fifth Tashkent Biennale (Uzbekistan)

2011 - 4th Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art Moscow)

2012 - Facets of creativity exhibition (Uzbekistan)

2013  - Exhibition of conceptual painting and Ilkhom Theater

2014 - 2015 - Gallery of Fine Arts of Uzbekistan personal exhibition

2019 - Exhibition in Manheim: The Great Silk Road. (Germany)

Art Projects:

"Energy pyramid", 1999. installation
"Wrapper" 1999. installation
"Birth of light", 1999. painting, collage
"Paper tornado", 1999. installation
"Static and ever–changing Universe", 1999., sketch of the project 1.2m x 6m
"Everything and Nothing", 2005. – installation
"Sacrifice", 2005. - installation
"Chrono Meroges", 2007. installation, graphics, video art
"Weightlessness", 2008 installation
"Waiting for the Big Bang", 2009 installation
"We are the essence of paradoxes and contacts", 2008 installation, video art
 "Pietta", 2009, painting, installation
"Place of rest" 2009, installation, video art
 "Arcadia is waiting" 2011 installation

"Stories about lost time " 2014. 

Video art:

"Sufi" - 2006.
"Stairs" - 2007.
"Chrono Meroges" - 2007.
"Threads" - 2008.
"A place of rest" - 2009.
"Twisted " 2012

 1) Secrets of old symbols – 2005.

 2) Sign Color Symbol – 2006.

  3)  Psycho - physical perception of color

In the works of M.Fozili, the relationship between Man – Earth – Universe is creatively rethought.


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