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Arinin Mikhail Alexandrovich
Year of birth: 1,897
Occupation: Fine art, painting
Arinin Mikhail Alexandrovich
Artist Style: Realism

     Painter. Honored Art Worker of Uzbekistan. Born in the city of Sinodskoye, Saratov Region. In 1914-1917. studied at the Bogolyubov Drawing School in Saratov under A. Nikulin, and in the same place in the 1920s. completed a course of study at the Art School in the workshop of P. Utkin, a student of V. Serov. In 1924 he came to Central Asia and settled in Kokand. From 1935 he lived and worked in Tashkent, actively participating in its artistic life. He worked in easel painting, in the post-war years, together with U. Tansykbaev, V. Ufimtsev and K. Cheprakov, he worked on the creation of monumental panels.
     M. Arinin is an adherent of the traditions of the Russian realistic school. The artist’s paintings are distinguished by their narrative, restraint of the color palette. They are distinguished by documentary authenticity and accuracy in the transfer of the surrounding world, integrity and completeness of compositional constructions.
     The artist’s works are presented in the museum collections of Uzbekistan and Russia.


Synod. «Meryanikovsky forest»
Synod. «Meryanikovsky forest» Номер лота: 1/56/680
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