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Reznikov Lev Ilyich
Year of birth: 1,928
Occupation: Fine art, painting
Reznikov Lev Ilyich
Artist Style: Realism

     Painter. Born in Tashkent. In his youth, he studied at an art studio with B.V. Pestinsky, and graduated from the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. In 1944-1949 studied at the painting department of the Tashkent Art College, where his teachers were V.S. Podgursky, P.V. Gan and A.A. Goldrey. In 1949 he entered the Moscow Art Institute named after Surikov, but failed to complete his studies due to a wave of persecution of family members of repressed people.
     In 1954, with the opening of the Theater and Art Institute in Tashkent, L. Reznikov became a student of the painting department of the first set. After graduating from the institute, he remains to teach at the department of painting.
The works of L. Reznikov are evidence of the author’s undoubted talent.
     Reznikov L.I. - the author of colorful still lifes, landscapes, but especially the gift of the artist manifested itself in the portrait genre. Portraits - «biographies», piercingly accurately and artistically telling about the dramatic fate of his contemporaries.


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