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Usto Mumin (Nikolayev Alexander Vasilyevich
Year of birth: 1897
Occupation: Fine art, painting
Usto Mumin (Nikolayev Alexander Vasilyevich
Artist Style: Realism

Painter, graphic artist, theater designer. Honored Art Worker of Uzbekistan. Born in Voronezh, in the family of a military engineer. Graduated from the Sumy Cadet Corps.

Creativity A.V. Nikolaev is one of the most peculiar phenomena in the art of Uzbekistan. His works, combining sublime spirituality and rare completeness of form, have their own inner world. Arriving in Uzbekistan, A. Nikolaev found a second home here. In the medieval philosophy of the East, he discovered many points with his worldview. He adopted the Muslim name Usto-Mumin. In the art of the East, he perceived linear perfection, refined spice, decorative character, ornamentality and applied art technique. In his work, the traditions of the art of the East, the Italian Renaissance and ancient Russian painting were intertwined. The artist elevates his images above the ordinary, emphasizing in them purely spiritual qualities.


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