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Genres of fine art

Fine art

Fine arts is a branch of plastic arts, a type of artistic creativity, the purpose of which is to reproduce the surrounding world. The concept combines various types of painting, graphics and sculpture.

Fine art images

Landscape - is a genre of painting, in which the main subject of the image is the primordial, or to one degree or another, nature transformed by man.

Landscape images

Genre - an artistic depiction of scenes of everyday life as a reflection of the forms of life of the people and the reality surrounding them.

Genre images

A portrait is an image of a person or a group of people who exist or have existed in reality.

Portrait images

Historical - a genre of painting that originates in the Renaissance and includes works not only on the plots of real events, but also mythological, biblical and gospel paintings.

Historical images

Military - is a genre of fine art dedicated to the themes of war and military life.

Military images

Animalistic - is a painting, the main plot for which is the image of animals.

Animalistic images

The mythological genre is a section of fine arts in which ancient legends, legends, legends or fairy tales of different peoples serve as the basis for the plot of works. Pictures of the mythological genre are often filled with allegorical and symbolic meanings. In them, fictional characters serve as models of behavior and objects of ridicule to help the viewer solve important moral and ethical problems. The mythological genre traditionally personifies high spiritual and moral ideals in art. It is a kind of historical genre in painting, but is characterized by a freer interpretation of the original plots and the predominance of fiction in the composition.

Mythological images
Genre painting

Genre painting (from French genre) is an artistic depiction of scenes of everyday life as a reflection of the forms of life of the people and the reality surrounding it. Such an image may be realistic, imaginary, or romanticized by its creator. Examples of genre painting are images of market scenes, holidays, interiors, street scenes, etc.

Genre painting images
Still life

Still life is a genre of fine art in which the main characters of the work are ordinary things. It can be not only inanimate objects, but also living beings. However, the birds, animals or people in the still life, according to the artist's intention, play a secondary role, only complement the main motive of the picture. Still life was formed as a separate genre of painting only in the 17th century, but people have long depicted the objects around them in paintings and walls.

Still life images

The nude, as a form of visual art that focuses on the unclothed human figure, is an enduring tradition in Western art. It was a preoccupation of Ancient Greek art, and after a semi-dormant period in the Middle Ages returned to a central position with the Renaissance. Unclothed figures often also play a part in other types of art, such as history painting, including allegorical and religious art, portraiture, or the decorative arts. From prehistory to the earliest civilizations, nude female figures are generally understood to be symbols of fertility or well-being.

Nude images

Marine is a genre of art that draws inspiration from the sea. The term "marine" itself comes from the Latin marinus, which means "marine". A marine painter is an artist who creates most of her work in the marine genre.

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