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Types of fine art


Landscape - is a genre of painting, in which the main subject of the image is the primordial, or to one degree or another, nature transformed by man.

Landscape images

A portrait is an image of a person or a group of people who exist or have existed in reality.

Portrait images

Animalistic - is a painting, the main plot for which is the image of animals.

Animalistic images

Historical - a genre of painting that originates in the Renaissance and includes works not only on the plots of real events, but also mythological, biblical and gospel paintings.

Historical images
Still life

Still life is a genre of fine art in which the main characters of the work are ordinary things. It can be not only inanimate objects, but also living beings. However, the birds, animals or people in the still life, according to the artist's intention, play a secondary role, only complement the main motive of the picture.

Still life was formed as a separate genre of painting only in the 17th century, but people have long depicted the objects around them in paintings and walls.

Still life images

Military - is a genre of fine art dedicated to the themes of war and military life.

Military images
Genre Art

Genre painting (from French genre) is an artistic depiction of scenes of everyday life as a reflection of the forms of life of the people and the reality surrounding it. Such an image may be realistic, imaginary, or romanticized by its creator. Examples of genre painting are images of market scenes, holidays, interiors, street scenes, etc.

Genre Art images

Graphics is a term derived from the ancient Greek word "grapho", which means "to write, draw, scratch". But you should not reduce graphics to calligraphy, this is just one of its types.

Graphics are a type of visual art where the image is created mainly with the help of lines, hatching and spots, which give rise to tonal nuances. Color can also be used in graphics, but it is considered an auxiliary visual medium. Unlike painters, graphic artists can work with one color (for example, using ink or pencil), while creating not only planar, but also three-dimensional images.

Graphics images

Sculpture (Latin sculptura, from sculpo — I carve) is a type of fine art, the works of which have a three—dimensional shape and are made of solid or plastic materials. In the broadest sense of the word, it is the art of creating images of humans, animals and other natural objects in their tactile, bodily forms from clay, wax, stone, metal, wood, bone and other materials.

Sculpture images

Nude comes from the French word "nudity" (nudité) and is the sibling of the word "nudism". The term "nude" can be translated as "nude" or "naked".

The Nude genre is a painting genre in which the main emphasis is on the aesthetics of the naked body: both female and male. The work can be a plot (most often mythological, allegorical, historical), but these are just decorations. The artist is primarily interested in bodily aesthetics. Sometimes they talk about nude paintings, but this is not entirely true. It is more correct to talk about the nude genre, which includes thousands of paintings painted in various styles.

Nude images

The mythological genre is a branch of fine art in which ancient legends, legends, legends or fairy tales of different peoples serve as the basis for the plot of works. Paintings of the mythological genre are often filled with allegorical and symbolic meaning. The mythological genre traditionally embodies high spiritual and moral ideals in art. It is a kind of historical genre in painting, but is characterized by a more free interpretation of the original plots and the predominance of artistic fiction in the composition.

Mythological images

Marina (French: marine, Italian. marina, from Latin. marinus — "marine") — a genre variety of fine art in which the subject of the image is marine views, as well as scenes of naval battles, storms, shipwrecks or other events taking place at sea. It is a kind of landscape genre.

Marine images