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Shuhrat Abdumalikov
Year of birth: 1975
Occupation: Fine art, painting
Shuhrat Abdumalikov
Artist Style: Philosophical-analytical

Stage designer. Honored Worker of the Republic of Uzbekistan, member of the Union of Artists of Uzbekistan, member of the Union of Theater Workers of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Chairman of the section of theater, film and animation artists of Uzbekistan.

The main dates of life and work:
1995 – Graduated from the A. Ostrovsky Theater and Art Institute
1993-97 - Chief artist of the Youth Theater of Uzbekistan
1997-2001 - Chief artist of the theater named after A. Khidoyatov
since 1995 – Lecturer in the Institute of Arts and Design named after Kamoliddin Begzad
since 2001 – Chief artist of the Mukimi Theater

1998 - personal exhibition "Quince Dreams", painting, stage designer, graphics. Theater "Ilkhom"
2001 – creative trip "Independence" painting.USA
2002 - personal exhibition "Impression" painting, graphics, scenography. Theater "Ilkhom"
2003 – participation in the "Prague Quadriennale" scenography. Prague. Czech Republic
2004 – participation in the festival “Gala Kuprik” Istanbul.Turkey
2005 – participation in the international «EXPO» AICHI. Japan.
2007 - personal exhibition "Concept" scenography, painting, installation. Theater "Ilkhom"
2007 - personal exhibition "Icons of Samarkand" painting, graphics. DOM.Moscow.
2007, 2009, 2011, 2013 – participation in the “International Tashkent Biennale”
2014 – participation of “Art Symposium Besiktas” Turkey.Istanbul
2014 - participation in the exhibition "Contemporary Art of Uzbekistan" Belgium.
2015 - participation in the international exhibition of theater artists. Moscow. Bakhrushin Museum.
2015 – exhibition of artists of Uzbekistan in Italy.Gubbio
2016 – personal exhibition “Cominus et Eminus” Tashkent.
2017-2018 – participation in the international exhibition "Turk Uluslari" in Adana. Turkey.
2017-2018 – participation in the international exhibition “Chatou Kalpak”. Tekirdag. Turkey
2017 – participation in the international exhibition in Mersin. Turkey
2018 – participation in the international exhibition "Barbarka" Poland
2019 – participation in the International Arts Symposium in Mogilev, Belarus.
2019 – participation in the International Art Festival “From Waste To Art” Baku, Azerbaijan.
2020 - personal exhibition "Where is my sky" CEH, Tashkent, Uzbekistan


1996-2013 - the chief artist of the state mass spectacles "Navruz", "Sharq Taronalari" and "Mustakillik".

Director of films such as:
 - "Shima" Japan, Belgium, Uzbekistan, dir. B. Yuldashev
 - "Star of Ad-Takhur" (Star of Ulugbek) USA. Uzbekistan. dir. B. Yuldashev
 - "Secrets of Tamerlane's Wives" dir. A.Khamraev England-Uzbekistan
 - "Lonely Boat" directed by N. Tulyakhodzhaev.
  Over 130 performances in theaters in England, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.


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