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Uzhinsky Igor Vasilyevich
Year of birth: 1,893
Occupation: Fine art, painting
Uzhinsky Igor Vasilyevich
Artist Style: Impressionism

     Painter, graphic artist, theater designer. Born in Kyiv. In 1905-1914. studied at the Odessa Art College. Since 1925 lived in Uzbekistan. In the mid 1920s. worked as a stage designer at the Andijan Regional Drama Theatre, creating bright imaginative scenery and costumes in the style of constructivism. A brilliant draftsman, worked in various graphic techniques. In the mid 30s. was a member of the group of charts of B. Pestinsky’s circle. During the war he served on the Northern Front - he fought as an artilleryman, and then as a scout. Drawings of the war years were widely known, in which the authenticity of impressions was combined with the depth of the generalized image of the war era. In easel painting, he proved to be a talented colorist. I. Uzhinsky is the author of thematic paintings, romantic landscapes and still lifes, executed in an elegant impressionistic manner. Died in Tashkent.
     The works are presented in the museum collections of Uzbekistan, in private collections abroad.


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