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Sharipova Zebiniso
Year of birth: 1,967
Occupation: Fine art, painting
Sharipova Zebiniso
Artist Style: Realism

Sharipova Zebiniso Tulkinovna
Born on August 19, 1967 in Bukhara.
1974-1984 studied at high school.
1984-1988 Studied at the Bukhara Music College named after M. Ashrafi in design.
1989-1994 she studied at the faculty of easel painting at the Tashkent Theater and Art Institute (now the National Institute of Applied Arts and Design named after K. Behzad).
Since 1995, she has participated in several state exhibitions.
Since 1997, she became a member of the Academy of Arts of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
1998 – participated in the TV show “Mirror”
1999 – personal exhibition in the Exhibition Hall of the Academy of Arts.
2000 – won the title of best artist at a competition of young artists in Uzbekistan.
March 2001 - participated in the exhibition 10 years of independence of the CIS republic in Moscow
2002 – personal exhibition at the INCONEL business center
2003 May – June personal exhibition in Germany (Potsdam).
2003 in November - personal exhibition in France (Paris).
2005 – personal exhibition at the Indian Cultural Center.
2010 – personal exhibition in the central house of artists of the Russian Federation.
2006 – was awarded a silver medal from the Academy of Artists.
2013 – was awarded the state order “Shukhrat” of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
2017 – was awarded a diploma for second place in a competition for drawing the first President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Abduganievich Karimov
  Now he is a free artist.


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